The Bridal Chamber

Sparrowcloud9 Dream/Vision #50 4/6/13

Im up hiking on Path. I’m walking North. It’s beautiful and just seconds after dawn. The sun is just illuminating the scene before me. The sun is coming from the south eastern position of the path. There is dew everywhere. Before me everything is illuminated in a golden pink cast of light. I round the path where the small lake is and the lake looks like it has a coating of fire on it from the position of the sunrise and the reflections on the top. Here I am out in the middle of the wilderness just about 50 degrees north of the equator and I am amazed that the scene looks somewhat like I am 29-33 degrees north, according to what I believe 31 degrees north.

There are deciduous trees by the pond, blooming flowers and cut grass; freshly mowed. It is well-groomed as if I am on Royal Property. I thought I was in the wilderness, yet here I am on the private property of some King. I dare not get off the path, yet I’m curious and I’d like to go spend some time there. I felt a huge rebuke from the Holy Spirit not to veer off the ungroomed wilderness path. I felt I was safe here. I thought I better not chance it although it was tempting.

I round the corner, and there was the bulletin board. I was extremely excited because I knew where I was going. This is what the Forestry Bulletin Board read:

Congratulations, your reservation has been accepted!

Your table is set and the preparations for dinner have begun.

When you come at 6:00 pm, please bring the keys, you will need these to get in.

There are 3 doors in which to enter, and further instructions once you arrive.

Please dress accordingly.

We welcome your RSVP and please accept our gift.

The small key unlocks the gift box.

WARNING! - Doors shut permanently @ 6:15 pm!

Okay, they are very serious about being prompt, this I knew. Dress accordingly...okay what does this mean? I look up on the board, all the numbers have been removed, not even the small golden screw hooks remain. The Host must have filled the tables. I was wondering if I would know anyone there. Iʼm allowed to bring a guest. Who would I bring?

The key was a small platinum/silver skeleton key with gold inlay. It was engraved. It had my initial “E”on it in script! It was beautiful and unlike any key I’ve seen. Wow, wonder if the landlord of the property next to me is the Holder of the Dinner? I searched for something to unlock but found nothing there...odd. I thought I should proceed to the gate.

The gate was in the exact same spot. I still couldn’t figure out how it stands on its own. I walked on the other side to the front, again it was the opposite of the back with the inverted moon and star....okay.. I move around back on the path and I feel more comfort there on that side of the gate. Maybe because the front of the gate has no entrance to Heaven, only that moon, star and no latch.

When I turned to start to unlatch the gate, I noticed a National Parks Drop Box; like a day fee box. There on the green steel box was a deep engraving with the words TEVAH. It had a slot in it, and above the slot it said, “Deposit Only” - This was hilarious to me. How could you make a withdraw out of this?

I saw the key hole and a small engraved placard; “Administrators ONLY”! I used the key and the lid popped up. There inside was a clear bag that contained a fish net. The NET was composed of Jute, woven with gold and silver twine. The Jute was no ordinary Jute; when it caught the light, the jute itself shimmered with a luminescence or iridescent quality as on a rainbow trout or some salmon. It was heavy but manageable -- very cool! First, I use my priceless million dollar fishing lure to catch the big fish, and I use the net to bring it in. This net was large enough for a school of fish though. Maybe I fish with these in two different locations; a lake and the sea?

I look at what else I can find in the box and there was a small vial of oil. I unscrewed the lid to smell it. It was fragrant like Jasmine and olive together. When I went to screw the lid back on, some of the oil got on my skin. My skin became like my Heavenly transformed body where the oil had landed. Then I looked inside again and there was a small packet that looked like hand sanitizer. The packet read: “Rain Gear” -- Okay, I am not fishing in the rain, hate that. The fine print “Use cover over your head while fishing”.

I opened up the packet and recognized the intricate covering from what the angel has placed over my head; rain gear?? This didn’t look like it could repel rain. I put all of these items in my backpack. I saw the 3 keys in the bottom of the pack, good thing too!

I proceeded to the gate and just as I went to turn the latch, the small key that I had left in the keyhole of the box was glowing and making a chiming sound. I went back to the box and looked in, there was a personal note on an engraved card.

With tears in my eyes, I knew that my guest would be Jesus. I knew that every one of the 153 would have Jesus as their guest. He is the ONE! I lifted the latch on the out-building door. I heard the chime and as I walked through. The gate turned to the large pearl gate. As I entered through, I was transformed. Two angels greeted me at the gate and right in front of me was my guardian.

My guardian reached over and took my hand and two other angels came up to me. One angel put salve in my eyes and the other put the small ember up to my lips to loose them. My guardian had the most kind face. He placed the same type of shawl covering over my head. He smiled as if he knew something that would make my heart glad. My white robe was lovely today. It was simple, white linen but there was gold thread woven into the fabric. There was a beautiful tapestry or embroidery of gold intertwined with this pure linen. I looked down and was amazed, the garment should’ve been extremely heavy but, it wasn’t. I reached up to look at the head covering; it was silk and linen with embossed patterns of all of my favorite flowers. I began to weep because this day had changed.

I looked behind me and there were others, I didn’t feel as if it were the wedding day but that it was instead a celebration, maybe the dinner but I didn’t know.


My guardian took me up to the Sea of Glass. The area was a buzz, with activity. There were angels singing and the sound was amazing. It seemed like the Great processional from my times earlier in the dreams. There were 1000ʼs of angels singing. There was a symphony playing. It was beautiful. It was like Pachabel in Canon D but without the sadness; it was like The Bittersweet Symphony without the sorrowful lyrics. There was a new melody woven into the orchestrated piece. It permeated the cells in my body and literally my cells worshipped God because of the Glory of a promise fulfilled.

There were Roses everywhere, blossoms, grass, the sound of water from fountains. I heard children laughing and playing somewhere, although I was focused on where I was and trying to understand my place.

I was in Heaven of course, there were others with me, there was a great celebration, when was this? Today? A week from now? A month? I had no gauge! It was incredible! At this moment, I realized that my death would not be a separate event, that my Jubilee year would be for others too! I was glad. Then my angel said, “Erin, come to the Kingʼs chamber.”

This was so different for me. My angel escorted me to an incredible palace. It was like the city. It looked like the City. There was a beautiful porch. This was like a guest quarters or a separate addition. As he took me up the stairs into what was similar to a tower above the entire area. I was so excited as we walked the halls. There were fine tapestries that told stories in history. There were golden walls and pearl with marble. My hand moved across the stones and they felt soft. The stairs leading to this special area were made of Gold and Jasper. I felt as if I didn’t belong here. I knew I was invited but, it was too wonderful for me, fit for a King.

The angel took me to the porch there I saw the city to the right and left. Where I stood, was overlooking the Sea of Glass. The entire city faced the throne as I looked to the left and right , I saw windows to the throne. The people residing in these homes must be very important. As I looked over the porch or deck, there were beautiful gardens, animals, fountains, trees - Truly breathtaking. Tears were streaming down my cheeks as I had never seen anything that even compared to this. I saw the River of Life pouring out from the throne on the other side of the sea.. It was the source and sustainer of all things beautiful here. Hard to describe but, Jesus was in all things here. My guardian set me on a small bench. There were some roses there in front of me with a small card.

The card read, “I hope you like them.” They were so fragrant. I quickly looked around to find out who gave them to me.

The angel said, “What do you think Erin?”

me: “Oh it is so beautiful, I never want to leave.”

Just then a wind came. I recognized it and I dropped to my knees, and put my head in my hands on the bench.

Jesus: “Erin, I’m so glad you came, you will be here very soon. All that you see, you may scribe, there is a new wind, a soft reed blowing, tune your ears carefully to hear and your eyes clearly to see. Through the noise and chaos, hear my whisper.” I looked up quickly to look for Jesus, I ran around the large porch looking at all sides, to find Him, but I couldn’t find Him and I began to cry.

me: “How can I see clearly if my eyes are unable to see? How can I hear clearly if my ears are not able to listen. How will I find you?” I was in tears because I knew I wasnʼt there permanently yet, I knew trouble was coming and I needed more of Him!

Jesus: “Erin, your life has a purpose. Beautiful are your feet, beautiful are the feet of those who bring good news!”

me: “Lord, if sudden destruction comes, how will I tell people about You so that they can hear?”

Jesus: “You will hear Me, My sheep hear My voice, I know them and they follow Me! DO NOT be afraid! IN this wind, I will NOT be a small still voice!”

I’m still looking for Him and in Tears, I see a beautiful room above the porch. I run up to the door, open it and enter into the Chamber. I’m still looking for Him. My angel is up there too.

guardian: “Erin, He is not here. Why are you so troubled?”

me: “I guess I am ready to come Home.”

Off to the side of the beautiful chamber were three doors, each had a lock. I knew immediately that the 3 keys opened these.

me: “I thought the doors were at the Banquet at the time of the feast?”

guardian: “Erin, do you not know by now about Patterns & Keys, about Doors & Paths, about Life & Death and about Darkness & Light?

me: “I guess I am no further close to the TRUTH!”

guardian: “No Erin, you are wrong. You have searched for answers and truth your whole life. I have been there with you from before the start of your life.”

The angel walks to the beautiful balustrade overlooking the Throne of God, the River of Life and the surrounding gardens.

guardian: “Erin your searching took you out of darkness into paradise. You are standing at the door of the Promised Land - Heaven. You are in the Wedding Chambers, your heart’s desire to run for Him; search, watch and pursue without ceasing has given you access to manna from Heaven! - For the gate is narrow, and the way is hard that leads to life, and there are very few that find it! You are blessed. You are standing on Holy Ground.”

me: “Will it be harder soon?” My guardian angel didn’t answer this.

guardian: “Erin He is giving you a gift!”

me: “Where are Enoch, Elijah and Jesus? Where have they gone?”

guardian: “Do you not know?”

me: “No, when is this day? I have no sense of time. Where are the others that came with me? What has happened?”

guardian: “You have many questions. First, the King loves you, remember your place.” He then turns toward the garden. "Second, there are preparations here for a celebration and you are here early. This is an Honor! Third, You are in the King’s palace, and His heart is glad.”

“Did you Not study Psalm 45?”

“Did you Not Understand Esther?”

“Did you Not look deeper for Him in Song of Solomon?”

Then I realized, I was worried too much about how and why I was here, and I was not thankful for my place! My Station!

me: “Thank you. Now help me. What are these 3 doors?”

The area around the doors were made of cedar and carved with pomegranates. The wood work was amazing. Each door was coated in Silver. I thought it odd as most of what I have seen in Heaven was all gold, precious jewels and pearl. The locks were incredible; each was different, each had a gold handle and were heavily engraved. The key holes had engraved scroll work and were inlaid with gems. There were curtains of flowing white silk with embossing of gold. There was a breeze so the curtains moved yet we were inside.

me: “Which one do I open first? What does each represent?”

guardian: “One is the time of Enoch, One the time of Elijah, and one the time of Jesus. These represent past history that will now have sudden impact. But there is more, Doors can be exits and they can be entries. There are dual meanings. This is the past. There are also timelines in the future. These are points of entry, groups permitted to come to the Wedding: One is the Groom, Another is the Bride, and another is the Guest.”

me: “But, I thought the entry points were, Bride of Christ, Church, and 144,000?” 

guardian: “Erin, you are somewhat correct. There will be Aspects or Phases: “The Betrothal (Contract), the Ceremony (Marriage), the Feast (Banquet). Erin, where are you now?” I went to the balustrade.

me: “I am apart from the others I came with.”

guardian: “Where do you stand?”

me: “Iʼm in the Wedding chamber.”

guardian: “Who are you waiting for ?”

me: “Jesus, my groom!”

guardian: “So you know which door, correct?”

me: “Yes, I know which door, but I need the time!”

guardian: “Come here.” he walks me again to look outside. “Do you see there is activity? Are they preparing for something?”

me: “Yes”

guardian: “Erin, how long do you wait here?”

me: “I think some time about 7 earth days? (he smiled) What do I do for 7 days?”

guardian: “Prepare!”

me: “How?”

guardian: “Look.” he takes me to an incredible bathing area; state-of-the-art. There were attendants there, a pool and all these different flowers, soaps, perfumes, powder, creams and music too. All of this was to make me beautiful for the consummation period.

me: “So I do this first, I consecrate myself then I wait?”

guardian: “Yes, there is much to do. Before Jesus began His supernatural ministry He also consecrated Himself. He was called to be baptized by John. Jesus went into the water. When He came out the Heavens Opened and a dove descended upon Him. The Dove represents the Holy Spirit. Then after this, He went to the wilderness for 40 days.” “Now, where did this pattern occur before?”

me: “Well this is similar to the Israelites in Egypt, illustrated by the Passover. After they were marked by the blood of the Lamb, they entered into testing for 40 years in the desert. After their wilderness, they came into a time of Promised land fulfillment.”

I looked into the door and there I saw Jesus performing miracles after the 40 days of testing. I saw the time when He fed 5000. He looked up to Heaven giving thanks for the little bit of bread that He did have, and He offered it up. I looked, when Heaven Opened, I saw a ladder like Jacobs; angels were ascending and descending and multiplying the food at His Authority. They were bringing the Provisions Down from Heaven, in the same way that Manna poured out from Heaven to the Israelites in the Desert wilderness.

me: “Jesus was under an Open Heaven from the Baptism up until He died, at the cross Heaven Opened and He offered Himself up to Heaven.”

guardian: “Yes, so what would the Groom want His Bride to know?”

me: “Well, if I am betrothed, I am in His heart, and His is in mine. Then, I, by the power of Jesus, my Groom, I can give thanks and offer up anything and He can Increase it!”

guardian: “Yes, now you understand Jesus is the Open Door to Heaven.”

me: “He knocks, if we let Him in fully, we commend our spirit and give thanks, we can look to Jesus and Heaven will Open and we will be like the disciples!”

guardian: “Now, there is more. He gave keys to the kingdom to Peter but also, for all. Jesus said, “I will give you the keys to the kingdom of Heaven; whatever you bind on earth will be bound in Heaven, whatever you loose on earth will be loosed in Heaven” (Matthew 16:19). Erin, what were the keys for?”

me: “Here the keys were authority, right?”

guardian: “A key was a badge of authority and is and was used to open Doors (Luke 11:52). Erin who is authorized to grant authority?”

me: “Jesus, the King!”

guardian: “If He grants authority, then to whom?”

me: “His followers?”

guardian: “Then how did He grant authority?”

me: “Most assuredly, I say to you, he who believes in me, the works that I do, he will do also, and greater works that these he will do, because I go to my Father.” (John 14:12) Iʼm just not sure how to do this, 7 days doesn’t seem like enough time. He was with the disciples for 40 days, He gave them confidence.”

guardian: “Erin, what do you see?”

me: “I see Jesus right before His ascension granting the disciples spiritual authority, with the Holy Spirit as their guide.” Holy Spirit = Guidance. Then I saw Pentecost in Jerusalem. There was a mighty wind and the disciples were baptized by tongues of fire, which dropped upon them.” Baptized by Fire= Power

guardian: “Erin there was a difference, before Pentecost and after. Prior to this, healing and miracles were by faith, prayer and belief. At Pentecost and after, fear spread, because the disciples performed instant miracles. By virtue of their KEYS - their authority and their badge!”

me: “So this door, this key to open the door, I by the Authority of Jesus Christ in Me, I can Heal instantly by the Power Vested from Open Heaven -- Jesus?”

Guardian: “Yes, study Acts 4. You will understand the Boldness and Courage!”

me: “So help me with the keys and how I relate to this now.”

guardian: “Erin there were some more keys that unlocked doors and miracles. After Jesus died on the Cross, He offered up His Spirit to an Open Heaven where did He Go?”

me: “He went to Hades.”

guardian: “Yes, but what did HE do?”

me: “He unlocked the chamber below the earth, like in Jonah , Jesus was in the belly of the earth. Then He let the saints out. Right after He died the temple veil was torn in two by a great earthquake. The graves opened, He took them to Heaven but some remained and

appeared to many in the city.”

guardian: “There are clues here as to timing that has been over-looked by scholars. Examine this more carefully and dig deeper than the surface. Jesus finally left the disciples with the Holy Spirit, then there was a waiting period called “tarry” then Pentecost. Now open another door.”

I went to the Door labeled “Bride”- It changed I thought, and the door opened to the times of Enoch. I remembered the particular mountain of God.

guardian: “First, Erin, do you remember also what the three represent?”

me: “Do you meant in relationship to the Rapture?”

guardian: “Not in whole, remember what you were told in one of the dreams and the symbolism of these Three; Enoch, Elijah and Jesus? Who is shadowed by these doors? Jesus said in the book of Matthew that His coming was like the days of Noah. There was a clue on the Forestry Drop Box. (I was confused). There will be one that perishes in the Judgment; The unbelieving world, some the leftover church, There will be one that is preserved through the judgment; The Jewish Remnant and like Noah, and there will be one taken before the judgment; like the true church and Enoch. What door do you think Enoch represents?”

me: “Oh, the Bride since the Bride was raptured-up prior to judgment. But, I don’t understand why Elijah would represent the other door? I need help here. He still seems like the Bride also.”

guardian: “Okay, for now this is not the focus. When was Enoch born? What relationship does his birth have with another date?”

me: “I don’t believe I know.”

guardian: “Erin you know this, in Jewish tradition his birthday shares the same date as Pentecost, although many Jewish people do not see the relationship as profound. This you will come to understand as important. Remember that Enoch walked closely WITH (emphasis was placed more than 3 times on this in the Vision and writing) God, so close that even the Fallen recognized His holiness and had Enoch intercede, acting as their Kinsman Redeemer. Enoch was kind and merciful. He walked the earth, walked with God and then He was not because God took him. He appeared after his being taken up.

Even the Fallen recognized his ability to go back and forth to the Father God. Enoch was beloved and this represents the Bride who Also Walks WITH God, and then was not for God took His Bride! This door represents the Bridal Door. (Hebrews 11:5) Now, one other thing, the Bride is given gifts. Look to Malachi 4:5 and Matthew 10:41 this is evidence to the righteous. (I was confused)

me: “I’m confused, the doors don’t align.”

guardian: “You were told the doors had correlating patterns, not that they fit into a perfect BOX. Erin stop looking for absolutes in your quest. There are patterns but also unique separations, these are significant here. Look if, say the 2 witness are Elijah and Enoch (he already knew), who are they truly witnessing to?”

me: “Well, if the Bride is gone, then those who would remain.”

guardian: “Where do they witness?”

me: “Jerusalem I believe.”

guardian: “Who lives there?”

me: “The Jewish People”

guardian: “Yes, but do they also not give Hope to the 144,000?”

me: “Yes, but I thought the 144,000 was separated? I thought the 2 witness to those left?”

guardian: “Do you know the wisdom in what you just said?”

me: “No.”

guardian: “There is also a separation here in Jewish tradition; circumcision. Go back again, and learn about the roots of the 144,000. Will they also not need Hope and Signs, if the Holy Spirit, or Bride is no longer here?”

me: “Yes, but what about those who are remaining but, believe after the Bride is gone? Are they not able to see the 2 witnesses?”

guardian: “Erin, it will be a timing issue as well as a land separation or view.”

me: “So you and Heaven now have the information about what is to come, because you speak with knowledge. If you know so much, then so must the enemy?”

guardian: “Yes, but the enemy will try to confuse even the elect if that is possible.”

me: “So the 2 witnesses might not be seen by the world, only captive Israel?”

guardian: “Yes, a pattern but, their purpose is to fulfill prophecies for an unbelieving generation, even generations. They also encourage the remnant.”

me: “So who will witness to those who will not be able to see the evidence of the 2? The Holy Spirit will be gone?”

guardian: “Erin, I see you are worried. Do NOT worry. Remember patterns. There is evidence that Enoch appeared to encourage; there is scripture to support Elijah did reappear and there is knowledge in scripture with witnesses that Jesus did!”

me: “Oh so Jesus will witness and appear?”

guardian: “There is more hidden at this time. Remember the Bride is hated by the enemy. The Bride has a purpose also.”

me: “So, as I wait and consecrate myself, I anticipate consummation for 7 days here in the Wedding Chamber and then do I wait 40 days?”

guardian: “Erin I am not your instructor but your guardian. I was sent with all of this today to answer your questions. Jesus Your Groom will take care of His Bride. Here this is not my role. My assignment is to be with you until you are called up.”

me: “So you go away?”

guardian: “No, you will have someone better to assist you! I know this seems confusing. The truth is in scripture, it is right there. Look carefully at the walk of Jesus and the Disciples; examine Pentecost. All will make sense as every piece will fall into place. Even Daniel, Revelation and Song of Solomon will have clear and greater meaning. There is manna in the wisdom of Solomon. There will be signs in the Heavens; an eclipse is there even. Look for more. Remember donʼt grow weary. DO NOT be discouraged and remember your place here. Be encouraged and Rejoice. The Prophets hold wisdom now. They are finally being vindicated and affirmed here as history unfolds. They intercede still. There are many here that pray and petition. Many are anticipating as time is moving faster. Erin, I will not leave you; this is a guardian’s assignment. Take comfort in the sayings of the wise. Isaiah 40, 17 and 19 have information and wisdom. Psalm 91, Psalm 23 and remember Psalm 45 is for you!”

“Be Blessed you have seen and know your place! You Belong Here and Have since the beginning and are God’s. The enemy also knows this! As God is with you so are the Armies of Heaven! You are loved!”

Vision Finished April 6th, 2013 - 6:15 am.

I pray this blesses you. I don’t understand all that was shown. I did my best to write all that I was shown and spoken to me via the Holy Spirit as I wrote. The Dream was complete on Easter Sunday. Yesterday, I thought that the Holy Spirit had changed it because I was given some information out of sequence. Then after I wrote it to type it the sequence that seemed out of order, was actually not. In fact, had I posted when I wanted to, I would’ve missed key information about Jesus and His Walk!!

These dreams are prophetic in nature! Although, I am no self-proclaimed prophet, they do have prophetic significance. Time frames and seasons are being shown, However I do not know for certain that this will be this year, as although the signs are there, until I myself hear it from God as will many others simultaneously , then I would not be comfortable to speak to about this as RIGHT NOW. I would be running ahead of God and looking towards my own Heart Longings to go Home!

Please use your own discernment. Please reference the Truth which is in Scripture as well as your personal Guide, the Holy Spirit!

I pray for all of us to be blessed and I pray that 2013 be our departure, the Jubilee year for the Bride. My year of Release. 

Love and Blessings.........sparrowcloud9